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Clog Squad’s Clog Assassins provide permanent solutions that are Quick, Clean, Safe and Affordable.

We understand that our job is an extremely filthy and dangerous one, so we take precautions to keep you and your family safe from any fallout.

Clog Squad is the leading choice for Health Care Facilities, Universities and the Commercial Food industry.

Sewage is a Class II Bio-Hazard, which means your drains are jammed packed with dangerous bacteria and contagious diseases, so we take that seriously and handle our job with care.

We take you and your family’s safety to heart. When you hire a Clog Assassin to help get rid of a clog in a drain, you are in good clean hands.

We protect your family by using safe drain cleaning practices. Clog Squad has the highest and strictest standards in the industry.

We don’t want to cause any harm. It is our job and responsibility to protect the health of our Nation.

Clog Squad does this by taking the filth out of the dirtiest of dirty jobs.

Clog Assassin’s are the cleanest and safest drain cleaners in the world.

Amazing people and great companies around the Nation are joining us in a Drain Cleaning Revolution to be the Standard of Quick, Clean, Safe and Affordable.





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Eliminate Clogs

Quick, Clean, Safe and Affordable.

Camera Inspections

By having us scope your drain, you can stop worrying about your toilet overflowing, your kitchen sink backing up, or your basement flooding. You will receive video footage of the inside of your pipes. A professional assessment of the problem. Full risk analysis and an action plan with multiple solutions.


Pipe Relining

Clog Squad can restore your pipes from the inside out without damaging your property. Our revolutionizing technology allows us to make pipe repairs without cutting drywall, breaking tile, hammering cement, tearing up landscaping, cutting down trees, or digging a hazardous trench.

Drain Cleaning

We will be your HERO! Clog Assassins are forever faithful to serve you when you ask for help unclogging a drain. A Clog Assassin arrives before you expect us and gets the job done quicker and cleaner than you thought. We promise to keep you safe from the work we do. Even the impossible clogged pipe will drain like new.


Offers & Details


Free Camera Inspection with Cleaning.


Complete Removal of Blockages.


Free Estimate on Permanent Solution.


Longest Warranty in the Business.

Why Training

Clog Squad Academy

We developed Clog Squad Academy to help close the skills gap by teaching the specialized skills for the next plumbing boom, repairing and replacing our failing sewer infrastructure. According to the EPA $271 billion will be needed over the next five years to repair or replace the wastewater infrastructure that is falling apart.

The USA’s plumbing infrastructure is degrading at such a fast rate, and the workforce is diminishing so quickly that there is no feasible way to keep up without drastically changing the way we are doing it now.

Since we can not rely on hiring enough people to do the work, we have to keep developing new tools and teaching innovative ways to keep up with an ever-growing need.

Learning these much need skills will increase your income 2 to 3 times what you are earning currently.

Clog Squad Academy is here to help you succeed in your new drain cleaning and relining business.


Master the art of FLEX-SHAFTING from the inventors of it.  We will teach you how to use RIDGID K9’s.

Wall to Wall cleaning, power scrubbing and milling.


OutDoor relining

Learn lining the American way- Trenchless no dig repairs of sewer lateral lines from the house to the city.  

*How to sell liners

*How to line

*How to minimize risk

*How to overcome failures


Indoor Relining

Learn how to line the Scandinavian way, indoors.  We will teach you how to line inside buildings.

*How to reinstate

*How to install a wye liner

*How to line a stack 

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By joining the CLog Squad Nation you are partnering with the worlds best drain cleaners.  We are the heros who get called when everyone else failed.

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