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About Clog Squad

At Clog Squad, we were born to change the drain cleaning industry, making it more efficient, safer, and ensuring longer-lasting results. Drain cleaning was once considered a dirty, non-skilled job; however, we've made it our mission to clean it up.

We are one of the West Michigan's most reliable and trusted plumbing companies, because our courteous service and belief in doing the best job possible is something customers and contractors notice. It is the driving force behind our company and the reason we've got such a good name.

While we specialize in drain cleaning and drain repair, we have all the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to handle any type of plumbing project. We've learned that being big doesn't always translate to being good, but being good certainly translates to being respected, known, and busy.

Join Team Clog Squad

We are looking for partners who would like to be a part of a team that is changing the plumbing and drain cleaning industry into a safer, cleaner and more lucrative one.

If you read the above and can relate, please contact us and learn more about working with us.

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