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Clog Dogs and Flex Shaft are Game Changers

Are you looking for a better way to clean drains that is lighter, safer and cleaner to use? Have you been dreaming and praying for a sewer machine that you don't have to psych yourself up like a weightlifter just to get it up a flight of stairs and back into your van? If you are seriously concerned about safety and the dangers of cable machines and jetting; you are going to love what Clog Squad has created. Clog Squad is a team of innovative plumbers and drain cleaners from around the world who are developing game-changing products. Clog Squad’s Team is revolutionizing drain cleaning by introducing equipment and systems that can do a much better and safer job than standard sewer machines and jetters.  

Ken Beyer, President of Clog Squad, stated; “Our Mission is to Revolutionize the Drain Cleaning Industry into a safer, cleaner and a more appealing one. We wanted cleaning drains to be an option for aging plumbers like me, so we set out to build a system that was lightweight, clean and safe to use. We tested our first prototype in our lab, (our customer's homes and businesses) and experienced successes in cleaning drains that we had never expected. The process is so clean it takes the dirty out of the dirtiest of jobs. Our equipment is lightweight and easy to move around and safe enough to let my 14-year-old daughter use it. We thought that our Flexshaft Machine would become every Plumber's best friend, so we named it the Clog Dog and since we live in a dog eat clog world the name caught on.”

Clog Squad’s Beta Testing Program puts Clog Dogs and Flexshaft into the hands of Plumbers and Drain Cleaners all over the planet.  Over the last few years, Clog Squad’s Team has been pushing their Clog Dogs and Flexshaft to the limits.  “Using Beta Tester’s feedback to improve Clog Squads products is priceless.” Beyer said; “We are proud to have a team of innovation-driven Master Drain Cleaners who are the best in the field and at the top of their game. We are extremely blessed to have some of the greatest minds in the industry helping us create and develop game-changing revolutionizing products. With these amazing people on our team, anything is possible.”

What gives Clog Squad the advantage over other manufacturers, is that their products are designed by Plumbers and Drain Cleaners and then tested in the field by Plumbers and Drain Cleaners.  Clog Dogs and Flexshaft are Made in the U.S.A. and we owe our success to our customers, they are the leaders in the drain cleaning field and their Feedback and Support is priceless.

Join us in the Drain Cleaning Revolution and help us make this industry lighter, safer and more appealing to a new age of drain cleaners.