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2" to 3" Branch Drains

Want a more effective way to clear a clog and clean a building drain that is lighter and cleaner? 

The Clog Dog, flexshaft and jetting systems we use inside a building will blow your mind.

Imagine clearing and cleaning a clog through mop sink, floor drain, floor sinks or lavatorys. Our 5/16" flexshaft is flexable enough to navigate 1 1/2" stand pipes and 2" and 3" traps.

With this system we can destroy grease and soft blackages in 2" kitchen sink lines, uric salt buildups and hard water deposits. Also, works great for commercial kitchens, shower drains and floor drains.

What we like most about this flex shaft is that we don't have to pull a toilet to clean a drain.

Great for cleaning commercial kitchens, shower drains and  floor drains.  25' is the longest that is manageable with a cordless drill after that we recommend the medium dog.


This is one of our favorite tools, but it takes a little bit of a learning curve not to wrap it up or break it.  Once you learn how to use it, you will love it.

Clog Dog's 5/16" Flexshaft is a high-performance tool that is fragile compared to your cable machine.  Using brute force to control this tool will result in learning how to repair your flex shaft in the field. Treat it with care, and it will become your best friend for cleaning lines inside building.

Be patient with all clogs, start by drilling a small hole and then expand the chains as you go, but take your time and let the head do the work. NEVER FORCE IT!!!