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3" to 6" Main Lines


Are you looking for an easier way to clean branch and lateral lines? Equipment one person can move around without hurting themselves?

Clog Dogs and Flexshaft are lighter and safer solutions because they are built for portability, one person can get it on and off the van and up and down stairs with relative ease. We designed all of our products so we could use them until we are 70 years old, we figure that means anyone can use them.     

Can you COMPLETLY clean the roots out a 6" line when you only have access through a 2" or 3" cleanout?

Clog Dogs and Flexshaft will go through very small cleanouts and COMPLETELY clean roots out of a 6" clay joint. These solutions are effective for main and lateral lines; they work amazingly for homes, commercial and industrial businesses. Flexshaft works best for cleaning grease, roots, and deposits out of lines. 

This is one of our favorite tools, but it takes a little bit of a learning curve not to wrap it up or break it.  Once you learn how to use it, you will love it.

Clog Dog's 3/8" Flexshaft is a high-performance tool that is fragile compared to your cable machine.  Using brute force to control this tool will result in learning how to repair your flex shaft in the field. Treat it with care, and it will become your best friend for main and lateral lines.

Be patient with all clogs, start by drilling a small hole and then expand the chains as you go, but take your time and let the head do the work. NEVER FORCE IT!!!