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Ben & Emily Smith, Marvel Sewer and Drain- cover of Cleaner Magazine

 Ken Beyer, owner of the Clog Squad in Hamilton, Michigan. “He’s one of my most valuable resources,” Smith says. “He’s given me an insane amount of knowledge, and his friendship has been incredible. If not for all these people, I wouldn’t be where I am now. They’ve provided me with a huge wealth of knowledge I otherwise wouldn’t have. Clog Dogs and Flexshaft have revolutionized the way I clean drains.”

Austin W Taylor and Crew, Dynamic Drains of Texas- Cover of Cleaner Magazine

We got our new Big Clog Dog and Baby Dog a few weeks ago. We have not been able to put the Big Dog to the test until today. Down here in South Central Texas, we had a major freeze this past week which resulted in a bonanza of work with fixing burst pipes. So, in other words, we have been swamped with work since Wednesday. Today, amongst all the burst pipe calls, I had a call for a clogged sewer for an existing customer. My drain truck with the skid jetter was busy fixing burst pipes in one town and my other Plumbing van was in the town where the clog was. So I loaded up the Big Dog onto the Plumbing van and gave a quick tutorial on how the flex shaft works and to make sure and use the camera, etc.

He went to the call late this evening and called me afterwards. His exact words were, "Man, this new machine is bad ass! It was so much cleaner, safer, and easier than the old big drum machine. Thank you and you made a good purchase!" So in other words, it was a hit and dealt with a grease clog in a 4" PVC line quickly and effectively. Next time I will get some videos and photos.

Yaacov Prupis- Prupis Plumbing in Isreal

I was dreaming again about purchasing a jetter, as all real men do. Then I realized I just used a flex shaft with water and it took care of the problem just as well. Faster set up time, safer, and way less overhead/headaches. I live outside the US so can't tell you about their drain cleaning service. However, I purchased two sets of their game changing flex shaft which we now use almost exclusively for our sewer work. The flex shaft looks good, feels good and gets the job done in an amazing way.

Jim Gioiosa

ClogSquad is to Plumbing & Drain Cleaning & Restoration... what AirBNB is to Hotels & Uber is to the Taxi/Transportation Business...
ClogSquad ARE Major Disruptors!
Game Changer... if you
’ve got a backed up drain... Ken, Mike and ClogSquad Team are the ONLY intelligent option

Brendin DeVisser- Five Star Realtor

Clog Squad is awesome!! I’ve used them for my clients selling or buying a home and in need. Clog squad is like no other draining cleaning business. You won’t find friendlier, more caring, hard working drain cleaners around. They handle things on time and professional. Highly recommend them.

Chris Bontempo- Bontempo Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

Just sold a pipe patch, because of the Clog Dog being able to reinstate!!

I was high bid, but will be doing it from the roof. No concrete demo, or abatement.

Thomas Michael Carlisle- Underground Connections and Sewer Pro

Mike and Ken run a great operation! Mike shot 75 ft. Of 8 inch liner for us with his pipe lining system and we couldn't be happier to never deal with roots again!

Torey Hartney

Mike was amazing. He originally scheduled me for the next day but called later and said he could get us in same day. He explained everything to my wife and I during the process and genuinely seems like a great guy. He's definitely our go-to guy if we have plumbing issues in the future!

Steve Piazza - First Class Plumbing

The Big Clog Dog has had tremendous success. We have been using it on all our drain cleaning jobs. The boring head you gave me for the front has been a god send. We have been destroying roots and in some cases pulling out huge three foot root balls. We are really learning to be patient with the machine. It has made our drain cleanings cleaner, safer and even fun.