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Effective Drain Inspection & Clog Removal

If you have a clogged, blocked, plugged, backed up, or slow drain, you can count on the professionals at Clog Squad to solve your problem. We offer the most effective drain inspection and clog removal solutions available to ensure that your drain is cleared quickly and safely, allowing you to get back to your life.

Quality Tools for Lasting Solutions

At Clog Squad, we use cutting-edge tools to ensure that you get the best results and that they last. Our scope and video inspection of drain lines from kitchens to mainlines help us find the root of the problem.

If your issue is grease, we remove it with high-pressure jets and chemicals to break down, emulsify, and prevent buildup. For roots, we use our Clog Dog tool to cut them out with precision and accuracy as well as a Vaporooter product (the number one product on the market) that kills roots to ensure they don't come back.

Pipe Rehabilitation

Besides handling clogs, we can rehab pipes, too. Our techniques, like trenchless pipe replacement and patching, allow us to repair lines without tearing up your porch, trees, sidewalks, driveway, or yard. We can also save old pipes by lining them with fiberglass, or they can be milled to their original size, shape, and smoothness. We offer a range of solutions for:

Business & Home Drains          

Plugged Kitchen Sinks                                 Flooded Basements
Slow Bathroom Drains                                 Overflowing Floor Drains
Whole-House Back-Ups                               Washing Machine Drain Floods
Clogged Public Bathrooms                           Plugged Urinals
Storm Drains That Are Not Flowing              Clogged Eve Drains
Plugged Sump Pump Lines