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How Clog Squad Began

Clog Squad was born from the idea that the drain cleaning industry needs to be revolutionized. Our staff comes from experience in the plumbing industry, and in 2003, we decided that it was time for a change. To that end, we have developed a range of new techniques and technologies that enable us to clean drains faster, more efficiently, and with safety and cleanliness in mind. We eliminate the toughest clogs, and we do so using safeguards and bio-secure techniques that limit the risk of spreading disease. We can handle any kind of clog, in any space, no matter the severity.

We are also the inventors of a revolutionary product that rids pipes of invasive roots more quickly and safely than traditional equipment. Our Clog Dog kills root systems by cutting them up and spitting them out like sawdust. Contact us today if you are a plumber or drain cleaner who would like to beta test our product.

We are working dilligently to expand the drain cleaning manufacturing industry and are coming out with 4 products that we have designed and manufactured to change the way Drains are cleaned. Come and visit us at the WWETT show at our booth and see the Clog Squad in action with the Clog Dog line up.

Clog Squad the beginning