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Root Removal & Control Solutions You Can Trust

Vaporooter is a product we use because of its effectiveness for killing roots and keeping them gone for extended periods of time. For more than 40 years, Vaporooter has proven its usefulness, and that is why Clog Squad chooses to use it. With Vaprooter, your sewer will last longer and need fewer repairs, it will also have fewer blockages and overflows, and you will have few fines. This product eliminates the need for cutting and re-cutting roots. It inhibits root growth for years with one simple application. In fact, we guarantee your pipes will remain root-free for 18 months following treatment


Proven Root Solutions

Scientific research and more than 100 million feet of experience have proven the effectiveness of Vaporooter. Until this chemical was created, effective root control in sewer systems was considered impossible. The combination of metam-sodium and dichlobenil make it possible to kill roots and stop their growth. Metam-sodium penetrates the cells and destroys the root on contact without harming the plants and trees above ground. Dichlobenil bonds to pipe walls, joints, and cracks to prevent new growth for years. Numerous studies have documented its effectiveness.


Grease Control With Grease Release

Grease Release is a simple, effective chemical grease remover and is considered the best weapon in the underground war on grease. Sewer systems weren't designed to handle the amount of grease poured in by restaurants, homeowners, and other industries. Unfortunately, pipes are porous, which gives grease a foothold to hang on and accumulate. Fortunately, Grease Release blasts grease all the way to the pores it clings to and then fills those pores with surfactants to slow future buildup. It also enhances preventive maintenance programs with a grease-repelling barrier making cleaning easier and more effective.

The best news is that unlike other degreasing agents, Grease Release contains no phosphates or hydrocarbons that can harm the environment. Instead, it is made with a blend of biodegradable, non-caustic, and non-corrosive surfactants. Performance is guaranteed every time! Check out the video to learn more about Grease Release.